Want to have 99.99% uptime? doable. but you need to cover the leaks

Is your app working responsively 24/7 as your customers would expect? Were there small downtime last week? OK - these downtimes quickly add up to ~3.5 days a year. Which is not acceptable for many businesses. OurUptime provides a monitoring service that will show you where and when the leaks are. Join the waitlist and we will let you know when we are up! You will also receive a free booklet regarding monitoring

My app is fairly new. Do I need to monitor?

We are here whether you are a near-blossom startup, or a proven business. We can assist you monitor and report on your page or API uptime, discover your page performance, and keep the pulse of your scheduled tasks.

Monitoring and Pager

Keep an eye on your application or API through periodic checks. Gorgeous reports, maintenance window capability and notifications over Mail, SMS, Slack and many others
monitoring and pager

Meet Upton! - Our Guide

Apply monitoring best practices to setup your monitoring details with ease. Upton can also traverse your frontpage to find the API endpoints and automatically create monitors for them.
Upton, the Guide for Success

Badges and Status Pages

Showcase your beautiful uptime badge on your Github pages, or display your uptime status on white-label web pages. Remember, maintenance windows do not count into the uptime calculation.
Uptime Badges and Uptime Status Pages
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